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Phoebe Contest Winners

The newest issue of George Mason University’s Phoebe: A Journal of Literature and Art (Fall 2011 Issue 40.2) features works by the winners of the magazine’s annual contest:

Winter Fiction Contest
Judged by Caitlin Horrocks
Winner: Aja Gabel, “Little Fish”
Honorable Mention: Dwight Holing, “Spines”

Greg Grummer Poetry Award
Judged by Dan Beachy-Quick
Winner: Mark Wagenaar, “Moth Hour Reliquaries”
Honorable Mention: Grace Curtis, “Wordsplay”

Inaugural Nonfiction Contest
Judged by Shauna Cross
Winner: R.B. Moreno, “I’d Like to Talk About the Bigger Stuff”
Honorable Mention: Jessica McCaughey, “On the Music of Distraction”

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