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Peter Hinchcliffe Fiction Contest

The New Quarterly‘s newest issue features the runners up of the Peter Hinchcliffe Fiction Award, which is sponsored by the St. Jerome’s University English Department:

Andrew Forbes: “The Rate at Which He Fell”

Kari Lund-Teigen: “Down to Here”

Susan Yong: “When Genghis Khan Was My Lover”

The rest of the issue features short fiction by Leesa Dean, H.W. Browne, Joe Davies, Amy Jones, Russell Smith, and Betsy Struthers. New Poetry is by Rafi Aaron, Katherine Edwards, Cynthia Woodman Kerkham, Tanis MacDonald, Symon Jory Stevens-Guille, Susan Telfer, and Patricia Young. There are also featured essays by Jeffery Donaldson, Warren Heiti, Zachariah Wells, and D.W. Wilson.

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