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Open Minds :: Women & Mental Illness

Open Minds Quarterly remains one of my favorite stalwart publications. I first used it when I taught a writing course themed “Understanding Disability,” and have remained a fan ever since. It is published by the Northern Initiative for Social Action out of Sudbury, Ontario, with the tag line: “Your psychosocial literary journal.” Never afraid to take on mental health issues most ‘in the news’ but certainly least understood (like PTSD when so many vets began – and yes continue – returning home to inadequate health care and support), this latest issue is yet another example of the importance of the publication’s role for readers and writers. The winter 2011 issue is focused on “Women & Mental Illness: As told by women in poetry and essays.” The publication remains fearless in its position that “consumers/survivors of mental health services are intelligent, creative, and can make a valuable contribution to society if given the opportunity to do so.” It behooves each of us to finish out this contribution by reading what these brave and talented authors have to share.

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