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Old Lit Back on the Block :: Red Line Blues

It’s nice to see a publication find their way back after one of those short breaks that often become permanent. Red Line Blues, a theme-based journal from Brooklyn, NY and Asheville, NC is back from their hiatus.

From the Red Line Blues Crew (Moriah Norris-Hale, Erich Nagler, and Benjamin Yanes): “We’ve been on hiatus for the past few months (ok, perhaps a year) renovating barns, traveling to Finland and back, and weathering the ole recesh’. We’re stoked to be back in the saddle and hope you’ll join us for issue #7.”

The upcoming theme for the issue is “Lean Times”: “Now that a full year’s limped by since Lehman went belly up, we’re marking the era with the theme ‘Lean Times.’ We’re casting the net for prose, poetry, photos, prints, drawings, and songs that illuminate our recent [in]securities, and tell the tales of staying afloat in the downturn. All submissions are due by Halloween, 2009 (Saturday, October 31st).”

See their website for further details.

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