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Phillip Barron and Katy Ryan are the collaborative effort behind OccuPoetry, a new journal, collecting and publishing poetry about economic justice/injustice, greed, protest, activism, and opportunity.

Barron writes, “The Occupy Movement is speaking to people in all parts of the country (and even the world), and as the next few weeks unfold, you’ll see that the wonderful submissions we are receiving reflect this geographic diversity. The protesters are being evicted from the parks that, up to this point, have been the symbols of the occupation. But the movement will adapt, and the poetry will continue because the pursuit of economic justice grows only more intense.”

Already featured on the site are poems by Carrie Osborne (CA), Richard Downing (FL), and Louie Crew (NJ). A unique feature of the site is recordings of poets presenting their poetry, emphasizing the oral quality of the poetic discipline and also making the website more accessible to people with different abilities.

Three times a week, OccuPoetry will publish poetry three times a week. Information on submissions is here.

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