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nor’s Underappreciated Stories

New Ohio Review, Fall 2009, features a section entitled: “Stories You May Have Missed: Fifteen Fiction Writers Reflect on Underappreciated Contemporary Stories.” In “presenting” a favorite story published between 1970 and 2000 that has not been given the attention it deserves, each writer gives an analytical/personal response reason for the selection. The stories themselves are not included, but source information for their publication is included. Writers and stories presented include:

Lydia Davis presents “Maggie May” by Lucia Berlin
Stuart Dybek presents “Bad Jews” by Gerald Shapiro
Carol Anshaw presents “Dog Heaven” by Stephanie Vaughn
Max Apple presents “The School” by Donald Barthelme
Alan Cheuse presents “In Kew Gardens” by Bernard Malamud
Erin McGraw presents “The Comedian” by John L’Heureux
Robert Cohen presents “The Moon In Its Flight” by Gilbert Sorrentino
Nicholas Delbanco presents “The Ebony Tower” by John Fowles
Lynne Sharon Schwartz presents “The Accompanist” by Anita Desai
Tracy Daugherty presents “Enough” by Alice McDermott
Steven Schwartz presents “In Miami, Last Winter” by James Kaplan
Andrea Barrett presents “The Remission” by Mavis Gallant
Francine Prose presents “Mlle. Dias de Corta” by Mavi Gallant
Jim Shepard presents “Helping” by Robert Stone
Rosellen Brown presents “Fenstad’s Mother” by Charles Baxter

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