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Nimrod Literary Awards

Nimrod‘s “It’s in the Cards” issue features the winners and finalists of the magazine’s annual awards competition. The Katherine Anne Porter Prize for Fiction was judged by Gish Jen, and Philip Levine was the judge for the Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry. The following authors and their writing can be found in the most recent issue of Nimrod:

The Katherine Anne Porter Prize for Fiction
First Prize
Judith E. Johnson

Second Prize
Terrence Cheng

L. E. Miller
Lones Seiber

The Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry
First Prize
Chelsea Wagenaar

Second Prize
Linda Hillringhouse

Judy Rowe Michaels
Rafaella Del Bourgo
Dante Di Stefano
Melissa Reider
Kristen Ingrid Hoggatt
Charles P. R. Tisdale
June Blumenson
Amy Miller
Catherine Freeling
Katharyn Howd Machan
Helen T. Glenn
Joan Colby
Rafael Alvarez
Barbara Crooker
Joan I. Siegel

Sarah L. Stecher
Jenny McDougal
Richard Agacinski
Maud Poole
Angela Patten
Gerald McCarthy
David Cazden
Matthew J. Spireng
Rebecca Hazelton
Lisa Zerkle
Lindsay Knowlton
Josephine Yu

Honorable Mention
Scot Siegel
Markham Johnson

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