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Nimrod Literary Awards 2011

Judges Amy Bloom and Linda Pastan selected the winner and honorable mentions of the 2011 Nimrod International Journal‘s 33rd Annual Literary Awards. Each are published in the Fall/Winter issue.

The Pablo Neruda Prize in Poetry
FIRST: Hayden Saunier, “Sideways Glances in the Rear-View Mirror”
SECOND: Suzanne Cleary, “Italian Made Simple” and other poems

Patricia Hawley, “Transmutation” and other poems
Brent Pallas, “My Dear Emma” and other poems
Robert Russell, “Heaven” and other poems

The Katherine Anne Porter Prize in Fiction
FIRST: Sultana Banulescu, “Beggars and Thieves”
SECOND: Kellie Wells, “In the Hatred of a Minute”

Judith Hutchinson Clark, “Girlfriend”
Caitlin Kindervatter-Clark, “The Pygmy Queen”
Stephen Taylor, “Jolly Old England”

A full list of winners and finalists in available here.

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