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New Orleans Review COLLECTIBLE Edition

new-orleans-reviewVolumes 40.1 & 40.2 / 2014 of the New Orleans Review are amazing, gorgeous, so super cool and no doubt will be THE collectible edition of the year! As a fan of the unique and quality ephemeral, I nearly swooned when I pulled this out of the stacks – a box set of individual chapbooks in honor of “New Orleans Review’s 45-year history of publishing innovative work from around the world.”

The seven books include: Because You’re Mine by Cassie Condrey, the 2013 Walker Percy Prize in Short Fiction selected by Christine Wiltz; Starbaby Blooms A Tuber Rose by Tessa Fontaine; A is for Afterimage by Christine Hamm; Literature for Nonhumans by Gabriel Gudding; Two Stories by Luis de Lión (tr. Silvia Juarez-Gomez & Nathan C Henne); Circus Freaks by Ana María Shua (tr. Steven J. Stewart); and Wastoid by Mathias Svalina.

The publication can be purchased via the publication’s website – but hurry. Their issues often sell out, and I imagine this one won’t last.

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