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New Lit on the Block :: Wrong Tree Review

Wrong Tree Review has hit print, thanks to Founding Editors Jarrid Deaton and Sheldon Lee Compton. The first issue of this independent literary magazine features an interview with Joey Goebel, author of Commonwealth and Torture the Artist, as well as fiction from Rusty Barnes, Matt Bell, Mel Bosworth, K.L. Cook, David Erlewine, Foust, Roxane Gay, John Oliver Hodges, Stephen Graham Jones, Kilean Kennedy, Sean Lovelace, Cami Park, Ethel Rohan, J.A. Tyler, Charles Dodd White and xTx, with cover art by Dalibor Pehar.

Unfortunately, WTR suffered a major web-tastrophy, and are in the process of rebuilding their site. The main page is up, as well as the purchase page, but others, such as the submissions page, will be forthcoming.

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