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New Lit on the Block :: West Marin Review

West Marin Review is a literary and art journal published by “a dedicated band of volunteers supported by two local literary interests – the Tomales Bay Library Association and Point Reyes Books – and friends and neighbors.” And while this grounds the review in local support, contributions are open to all writers and artists, newcomers as well as professionals.

A full table of contents for each issue is available online. Issue three offers excerpts of some content online. The print issue includes:

Prose by Catherine David, Reynold Junker, Jessica O’Dwyer, Agustina Martinez, Jan Harper Haines, Agnes Wolohan Smuda von Burkleo, Vivian Olds, Elia Haworth, Jonathan Rowe, Steve Heilig, Daniel Potts, Flor Jimenez, Jazmine Collazo, Cynthia A. Cady, Jody Farrell, Dave Mitchell, and Terry Nordbye;

Poetry by Jodie Appell, Prartho Sereno, Julia Bartlett, Gillian Wegener, Juan Avalos, Albert Flynn DeSilver, Lynne Knight, Apology, Randall Potts, Hal Ober, Roy Mash, and Nellie Hill;

Art + Artifact by Patti Trimble, Nell Melcher, Ryan Giammona, Andrzej Michael Karwacki, Amanda Tomlin, Kurt Lai, Jessica Baldwin, Willow Wallof, Sha Sha Higby, Marnie Spencer, Terrence Murphy, Christa Burgoyne, Wendy Goldberg, Dewey Livingston, Tom Killion, Richard Lindenberg, Lorna Stevens, Kevin Alvarado, Jacqueline Mallegni, Christa Coy, Kyla Pasternak, Mary Siedman, Zea Morvitz, Vi©kisa, Jon Langdon, Mark Ropers, Sevilla Granger, and Mardi Wood.

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