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New Lit on the Block :: Wag’s Revue

Behind the screen at Wag’s Revue are Editors Sandra Allen (nonfiction), Will Guzzardi (poetry), and Will Litton (fiction), with Webmaster Dave Eichler.

Publishing interviews, fiction, nonfiction and poetry, with room to play the media card within these forms, the first issue includes interviews with Dave Eggers, Mark Greif, Wells Tower, and works by Alexa Dilworth, Ernst Jandl, Travis Smith, Jessica Laser, Pauline Masurel, Winston Daniels, Tina Celona, Robert Moor, Eve Hamilton, Alison Fairbrother, Michael Paul Simons, Brian Evenson, John Sellekaers, Raleigh Holliday, Raymond Sumser, Maureen Halligan, Brandon Chinn, Janine Cheng, and Julia McKinley.

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