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New Lit on the Block :: Urban Confustions

Urban Confustions is a biannual print and PDF (Lulu) publication, featuring “urban tales, poetry, non-fiction, and art from women writers and artists living in urban cities of the world.” Staffing the publication are Editors Rheea Mukherjee and Shilpa Kameswaran, Art Editor Tulika Ladsariya, and Rabia Mehta, Publicity and Marketing. Urban Confustions also holds public readings in various cities twice each year.

Each month, Urban Confustions “spotlights” an author or artists with a bio and a link to specific works by each. Featured thus far: Patricia Lee Martinovic, Teresa Chuc Dowell, Anna Saini and Emily Rutledge.

The first issue of Urban Confustions features works by Amelia Whitcomb, Sarah Rosenberg, Anna Saini, Jenny Fan, Rohini Sahni, Rachel Noelani Bovee, Shilpa Kameswaran, Tulika Ladsariya, Anna Cherednikova, Diane Ponder, Suzanne Hilal, Emily Rutledge, Archana Prasad, Jasmine Kwong, Susan Redekar, Teresa Chuc Dowell, Rabia Mehta, Jina Joan D’cruz, Shelly Bhiol Sood, Sonia Sarkar, Bo Melissa Schwabacher, Tishani Doshi, Janice Sapigao, Srividya Suryanarayanan, Prasanna Surakanti, Gathima Asghar, Ambika Ananth, Sampada Chavan, Patricia Lee Martinovic, and an interview with author Brinda Charry.

Urban Confustions invites women living in the urban centers of the world to submit fiction, non-fiction, poetry and art for their winter issue. Deadline for submissions is November 10.

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