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New Lit on the Block :: Trans-portal

“Written for an intelligent reader,” Trans-portal: The Hub of Trans-Formation Studies features contributions that “exhibit the highest qualities of scholarship while also being accessible by a wide audience.”

Trans-portal’s Founding Editor/Curator Michael Broek is joined by Contributing Editors Patrick Donnelly, Stephen D. Miller, Susan Castillo, Matthew Carter and Tarfia Faizullah, and Editor-At-Large Laura McCullough in producing an online biannual, appearing summer and winter.

The first issue (Summer 2011) features lyrical essays by Amanda Abel, Elizabeth Howort, and Steve Newton; scholarly essays by Camille Alexander, Danielle Mortimer, Margaret R. Borders, Bryce Christensen; an audio essay by Paul Lisicky, a photo essay by Tarfia Faizullah, and a review of Lisa See’s Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and and Amy Chua’s Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom by Judy Chen-Cooper.

Trans-portal also includes individual resource pages for essays an articles on a variety of “trans” concepts: Trans-Personal, Trans-Cultural, and Trans-National. I hope to see this become a wealth of resources that continue to grow with the longevity of the publication.

Trans-portal is seeking creative non-fiction lyric essays and scholarly articles pertaining to any of our themes, with an emphasis on synthesis and contemporary relevance.

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