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New Lit on the Block :: Tidal Basin Review

New online, the Tidal Basin Review editorial team includes: Tori Arthur, Fiction & Non-Fiction Editor; Marlene Hawthrone-Thomas, Photography Editor; Fred Joiner, Poetry Editor; Truth Thomas, Poetry Editor; Melanie Henderson, Managing Editor, Randall Horton, Editor-in-Chief.

The mission of TBR is “to provide a space for inclusive and interdisciplinary approaches to the creative arts. We expressively and fiscally support artists who represent the rich American landscape by publishing high-quality, well-crafted literature, visual and media art through our annual contest, readings, and print and online journals. Our vision is to amplify the voice of the human experience through art that is intimate, engaging, and audacious. We seek work that propels the present artistic landscape.”

TBR accepts general submissions August 1 – February 28/29 of each year. TBR also has a call out for poetry sequences – ” a single poem with multiple parts, or a single poem amounting to no fewer than 8 pages and no greater than 15 pages of poetry.” See the Series Poems CFS for more details.

The TBR Official Blog features Editorial Book Reviews, Special Notices and Calls, and the Basin Blog includes a Monthly Featured Writer.

Summer 2010 Contributors
Lisa Alvarado, Lou Amyx, Beebe Barksdale-Bruner, Sarah Browning, Christine Celise, Martha Collins, Jasmon Drain, Jennifer Flescher, Gretchen Fletcher, Reginald Flood, Andy Fogle, Derrick Harriell, Kim Coleman Foote, Brian Gilmore, Rachel Eliza Griffiths, Ricardo Guthrie, Carmen Gimenez Smith, Hannah Larrabee, Moira Linehan, Tamara J. Madison, Ernesto Mercer, James O’Brien, Coco Owen, Adrian S. Potter, Joseph Ross, Marian Kaplun Shapiro, Cris Staubach, Keli Stewart, Cinnamon Stuckey, Truth Thomas, Phillip B. Williams.

Spring 2010 Contributors
Abdul Ali, Sherisse Alvarez, Jordan Antonucci, Salvatore Attardo, KB Ballentine, Holly Bass, Tara Betts, Sheila Black, Antoinette Brim, Derrick Weston Brown, Sarah Browning, Jeremy Byars, Edward Byrne, Ching-In Chen, Michela A. Costello, Yago Cura, T.M. De Vos, William Doreski, Janet Engle, Lynn H. Fox, Rebecca Fremo, Regan Good, Laura Hartmark, Julie Iromuanya, Bonnie Jones, Pierre Joris, Jacqueline Jules, Douglas Kearney, Alan King, Cole Lavalais, Gene McCormick, Cathy McGuire, Stephen Mead, Tony Medina, David Mills, Gregg Mosson, Min Jung Oh, Willie Perdomo, Chrissy Rikkers, Kim Roberts, Jeff Streeby, Hillary Stringer, Cinnamon Stuckey, Qiana Towns, and Sam Truitt.

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