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New Lit on the Block :: The Readheaded Stepchild

The online poetry magazine The Redheaded Stepchild only accepts poems that have been rejected by other magazines. Editors Malaika King Albrecht and Deborah Blakely, who have each seen their share of accpetance and rejection, say: “We are open to a wide variety of poetry and hold no allegiance to any particular style or school.” But don’t even think that this is a publication without standards: “regrettably even we reject 85% of our submissions.”

The inaugural issue of rejects who have found a home include: Mark DeCarteret, Elizabeth Kerlikowske, Wendy Taylor Carlisle, Richard Garcia, Maggie Glover, Thomas P. Levy, Lucia Galloway, Jessy Randall, Daniel M. Shapiro, Kit Loney, Dorine Jennette, Howie Good, Kathryn Stripling Byer, Susan Yount, Sergio Ortiz, and Susan Rich.

And TRS is kind enough to thank the rejecting publications on “The List.”

Submissions are now being accepted through February for the Spring 2009 issue. C’mon, who among you doesn’t have something to send in?

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