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New Lit on the Block :: The Muse (India)

The Muse: An International Journal of poetry is a new biannual online publication with Chief Editor Pradeep Chaswal and Editors Dr. Mohammad Arif and Deepak Chaswal.

The first issue includes poetry by A. D. Winans, Adam Bogar, Adrienne Wolfert, Alan Lindsay, Anca Vlasopolos, April Avalon, Benjamin Myers, Boghos L. Artinian, Carl Scharwath, Carrie Allison, Chris Tanasescu, Christina Murphy Dalel Sarnou, Devreaux Baker, Gale Acuff, Hal O’Leary, Hugh Fox, Jennifer C. Wolfe, Judith Prest, Kathleen Specter, Kenneth Pobo, Linda Appleby, Michael D. Sollars, Michael Lee Johnson, Mike J Gallagher, Paul Lobo Portuges, Phillip A. Ellis, Raj Vatsya, Richard Oko Ajah, Rebeca Sara, SamEisenstein, ShradhaKamra, ThomasZimmerman, Valentina Cano, Victor W. Pearn, and William John Watkins.

Also featured in this issue are research papers and essays “Pet Trees & Dancing Bay Ponies” by Joseph Powell, “How Dangerous Is Digital Literature?” by Felix Nicolau, and “A Tribute to Raymond Garlick (1926 – 2011)” by Byron Beynon, as well as interviews with Hugh Fox and Al Beck and book reviews.

The Muse is open for submissions of poetry, research papers, essays, and reviews. The deadline for the December issue is November 10.

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