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New Lit on the Block :: tak′tīl

tak′tīl is a new quarterly online journal of poetry, fiction, non-fiction and art. It’s the aim of tak′tīl to keep the power of ‘touch’ even in an online format: “we look for work with haptic memory: sense-oriented poems and pieces of prose that convey as much through words as our synapses do when we touch and taste and smell. We want work that’s blunt, raw, human, focused. We are less interested in pieces that are cerebral, and more in those that offer a unique sense experience—for instance, writing about food so vivid readers can taste oysters on their tongues, can feel the stretch and give of bread dough in their hands.”

tak′tīl is Kaitlyn Siner, Editor-in-Chief & Non-fiction Editor, Michele Harris, Poetry Editor & Webmaster, Demetra Chornovas, Fiction & Marketing Editor, and Emily Frey, Managing Editor & Art Editor.

The first issue includes poetry by Ana Garza G’z, Cara Kelly, Kit Kennedy, Alan King, Karen Lake, Heather Wyatt; fiction by Louis Bourgeois, James H. Celestino, Andy Cerrone; non-fiction by Joel Coblen, Susan Hodaral, Sheila Squillante; art by Paul Shampine and George Shaw.

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