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New Lit on the Block :: Stone Highway Review

Edited by Mary Stone Dockery and Amanda Hash, Stone Highway Review is a biannual publication featuring poetry, short prose, and artwork, available online via PDF as well as POD via Lulu. For writers, Stone Highway Review likes “work that haunts, electrifies, tingles. We like creativity. We believe the imagination contains as much truth as ‘truth.'” The editors also comment that they like prose that “slips into the surreal or plays with language in new and exciting ways,” and that “if your fiction is more poetry than prose, we want it.”

The first issue features works by Paul David Adkins, James W. Hritz, Michelle Reale, Ariana D. Den Bleyker, Kim Kin, Peter Schireson, Jenny Catlin, Maggie Koger, Caitlin Elizabeth Thomson, Christina Dubach, Len Kuntz, Christopher Woods, William Doreski, Devon Miller-Duggan, Dr. Ernest Williamson III, Tom Holmes Christina Murphy, Alex Yuschik, Ruth Holzer, and Jenny Ortiz.

Stone Highway Review accepts submissions online via Submishmash and has a Facebook page.

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