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New Lit on the Block :: Still Point Arts Quarterly

Still Point Art Gallery is a virtually art gallery that opened its first show on April 14, 2009. The Gallery presents several group exhibitions each year “organized around a topic or theme as a way to attract a wide range of artists and as a way to creatively curate the exhibitions to the online public.” The Gallery also presents work from a number of “Gallery Artists” whose submissions for exhibitions “were so skillful and engaging that they were invited to show more of their art for a longer period of time.”

Still Point Arts Quarterly is The Gallery’s print publication. Along with extensive art portfolios, Still Point Arts Quarterly prints short articles and essays (approximately 400-1500 words) about art. These are not articles about art methods, techniques, art supplies, equipment, art marketing, building a website, etc., but rather The Quarterly seeks “provocative and original material that is about art, the idea of art, the making of art, being an artist, creativity, inspiration, the artist’s subject, the artist’s relation to his or her medium.”

The second issue includes art portfolios by Michal Barkai, Jeanne Bessette, Stephen and Tomasko; articles: “A Confession in Clay” by Amanda Wolfe, “A Terrible Lucidity” by Joyce Glasner, “Learning to Draw” by Peter Steinhart, and “The Art of Noise” by Riley Passmore; and poetry by Charlotte F. Otten, and Michelle Ward-Kantor.

An overview of this content is available on the publication’s website, as well as full submission guidelines for The Gallery as well as The Quarterly.

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