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New Lit on the Block :: Shadowbox

Harrison Candelaria Fletcher, editor, has announced the publication of the first issue of of Shadowbox, an online magazine exclusively devoted to contemporary creative nonfiction “of every shape, style, and incarnation. Each issue will include new writing, interviews with masters of the form, reviews of provocative published work, a gallery of visual and literary collaborations, an archive of resurrected writings, interactive links with like-minded types, and much more.”

The Shadowbox site is designed to be interactive (click the objects), and will be published biannually. The first issue features interviews with Brenda Miller, a book review of David Shield’s Reality Hunger: A Manifesto, an art gallery featuring words and images of Margo Klass and Frank Soos, and new writing by Bev Aliff, Julie Carr, Noah Eli Gordon, Daniel Hales, Jena Huisken, Stephen Graham Jones, J. Michael Martinez, Kerry Muir, Megan Nix, Linda Norton, Karen Michelle Otero, Robert Vivian, and Jake Adam York.

Shadowbox reads submissions May 15 – October 15 and December 15 – April 15.

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