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New Lit on the Block :: Sakura Review

Sakura Review is one of those sleek, zen-like journals that packs a wallop of contributors backed by a powerhouse staff: Editor David Green; Managing Editor Natalie Corbin; Poetry Editor Jen Dempsey; Prose Editor Tom Earles; and Art and Layout Director Joel Selby. It started with a lunchroom discussion and the vision to create “a magazine that would represent the unique character of the District, a town embodied by location temporary yet always maintaining an indefinable shape.”

This inaugural issue includes prose and poetry by Erinn Batykefer, Richard Boada, T.M. De Vos, Kathleen Hellen, Kevin Debs, Colin James, Dorine Jennette, Richard Jordan, Rachael Lyon, Beth Marzoni, Nick McRae, Carine Topal, Lenore Weiss, Theodore Worozbyt, and Alison Hennessee.

Sakura Review is currently open for submissions until March 15.

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