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New Lit on the Block :: Psychic Meatloaf

Edited by George McKim, Psychic Meatloaf publishes artwork and “free-verse and experimental poetry that is quirky and imaginative.” Every three months Psychic Meatloaf will e-publish the journal as a free downloadable pdf file and also self-publish the journal in print, which will be available for purchase.

The first issue includes works from Felino A. Soriano, Gillian Prew, Philip Dacey, Maria Bennett, David McLean, Sam Schild, Amylia Grace, Robert Lietz, Bill Wolak, William Doreski, P.A.Levy, Michael Salcman, Amy Spraque, Howie Good, brian prince, Jory Mickelson, Heather Cox, Steve Mitchell, Serena M. Tome, J. P. Dancing Bear, Mark DeCarteret, Martha Clarkson, Michael McAloran, Mira Martin-Parker, justin wade thompson, Chuck Augello, Helen White, John Swain, Ashley Bovan, Rob Spiegel, Flower Conroy, Nicole Dahlke, Erik Hill, James Duncan, Gale Acuff, Monique Roussel, James W. Hritz, Tobi Cogswell, and Jeffrey Alfier.

Psychic Meatloaf is open for sumbissions and accepts up to six poems and up to three artwork images per submission.

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