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New Lit on the Block :: Printer’s Devil Review

Editor & Fiction Editor Thomas Dodson introduces the first issue of Printer’s Devil Review by presenting two stories on the origin of the term “printer’s devil” and likening the efforts of this new journal to that of the apprentice version of the story: “We are not publishing industry professionals, but rather practicing writers and artists who volunteer our time to bring work we admire to a wider audience. Because we’ve never published a journal before, we accept that we’re bound to botch pages, spill ink everywhere, and occasionally step on some toes. At the same time, we want to indicate our desire to encourage writers and artists who are, like us, in the journeyman stage of their creative careers. The magazine exists specifically to provide new and emerging writers and artists with access to publication.”

The first issue, available in full online as a pdf download, features fiction by Norah Piehl, Cat Ennis Sears, Christine Gentry, and Kate Racculia, photographs by Jarrod McCabe and paintings by Sean Flood, and poetry by Franz Wright, Kendra DeColo, Laura Cherry, Chris Hall, Mary Beth O’Connor, and Suzanne Frischkorn.

You can also get Printer’s Devil Review for your iPad, iPhone, or Ipod Touch from Apple’s iBookstore for $1 download.

Additional staff members working on the publication include Fiction Editor Kate Estrop, Nonfiction Editor Chris Willard, Poetry Editors Ian Poole and Bonnie Rubrecht, Visual Arts Editors Jess Barnett and Joshi Radin, and Editorial Consultant Timothy Gager.

Printer’s Devil Review is open for submissions for their second issue until August 1.

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