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New Lit on the Block :: Prime Number

Edited by Clifford Garstang and Valerie Nieman (poetry), Prime Number Magazine is an online quarterly of fiction, creative non-fiction, craft essays, and poetry, with Prime Decimal updates in between featuring flash fiction, flash non-fiction, and shorter poems, and plans for an annual editors’ choice print edition to be published by Press 53.

Issue 2 (the premier issue – in prime numbers, remember) includes: poetry by Fleda Brown, James Harms, Sarah Lindsay, and Jake Adam York; fiction by Peter Orner, Scott Loring Sanders, Anne Sanow, and Kevin Wilson; nonfiction by Roy Kesey and Carol Fisher Saller; interviews with Josh Weil, author of The New Valley and Gina Welch, author of In the Land of Believers; Mary Akers’ review of Love in Mid-Air, by Kim Wright and Elizabeth McCullough’s review of Eaarth—Making a Life on a Tough New Planet, by Bill McKibben.

Prime Numbers Decimals is also online and features flash ficiton by Valerie Fioravanti and Stefanie Freele, and poetry by Scott Owens and Michael Bazzett.

Prime Number Magazine is open for submissions of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, book-reviews, interviews, essays on craft, flash fiction, flash non-fiction, and shorter poems.

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