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New Lit on the Block :: Palooka

Edited by Nicholas Maistros and Jonathan Starke, Palooka is a non-profit journal of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, plays, graphic short stories, graphic essays, comic strips and art/photography. And the editors promise to read everything they receive, “word-for-word, right down to the very last juicy sentence.”

The first issue features fiction by Dustin M. Hoffman, Dan Piorkowski, Emma Bean, M.V. Montgomery, and Carl Peterson, poetry by Ryan J. Browne, Jona Colson, Deana Dueno, Liz Kicak and Tomer Konowiecki, nonfiction by Kelley Rae, Alex Park, Amy Bernhard and Natalia Andrievskikh, artwork by Andrew Abbott and Jim Fuess, and a comic by Chrissy Spallone.

Palooka is available both in print and e-version with online samples of published content.

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