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New Lit on the Block :: Oval

The Oval is a brand new literary magazine from the University of Montana published by undergraduate students.

Oval‘s website says they are “devoted to the publishing of writing and artwork from the University of Montana,” and the first issue features UofM students exclusively. However, future issues are open to submissions from undergraduate college and university students in the U.S. Their mission: “to provide a fresh outlet for new and young artists to express themselves, their ideas and passions to the world through the medium of print.”

Oval accepts e-mail submissions year-round: poetry (translations welcome), short stories, creative nonfiction, short plays, interviews, and visual art (such as photography, paintings, drawings, prints, cartoons, and graphic literature).

The Spring 2008 inagural issue is available online (pdf) and includes “Buss, Buss” by poet Laura Anne Nicole Foster, “Just Fine” by author Crystal Corrigan, and “Wolverine and Rabbitt” by artist Eli Suzukovich III.

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