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New Lit on the Block :: ouroboros review

Jo Hemmant and Christine Swint have begun a poetry and art journal titled ouroboros review. The magazine is currently published online using a service called Issuu, and is also available in print through a print-on-demand service called Magcloud.

Issue 2 has just been released and includes the works of Jay Arr, John Borcherding, Tammy Brewer, Iain Britton, Dustin Brookshire, Julie Buffaloe-Yoder, Kelly Cockerham, Jill Crammond Wickham, Vanessa Daou, Jennifer Delaney, Nikki Devereux, Michael Doyle, Holly Dunlap, Marchell Dyon Jefferson, Andrew Erkkila, Hunter Ewen, Liz Flint-Somerville, Rebecca Gethin, Christopher Hileman, Dick Jones, Collin Kelley, Blake Leland, Chris Major, Rachel Mallino, Michelle McGrane, Joseph Milford, Steven Nash, January O’Neil, Scott Owens, Amy Pence, Allan Peterson, Robin Reagler, Deb Scott, Carolee Sherwood, Hannah Stephenson, Paul Christian Stevens, Amy Unsworth, J Michael Wahlgren, Christian Ward, Angie Werren, Ernest Williamson III, Robert E Wood

ouroboros is now reading for the third issue. The reading period ends Sunday, May 3.

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