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New Lit on the Block :: Oranges & Sardines

“Menendez Publishing introduces Oranges & Sardines, the new print magazine dedicated to spanning the two genres of poetry and art in an effort to fuse both communities in a fresh and exciting way. The staff of Oranges & Sardines are poets and artists who are dedicated not only to publishing the best content submitted in both genres, but also to the aesthetic appearance of our magazine. We welcome submissions from the established as well as the emerging and unknown.” (No sim/subs.) The 8×10 format is extremely well styled in this quarterly publication, and the editors ask that writers consider this format when submitting works.

The Summer 2008 issue (1.1) is edited by David Krump, Andy Nicholson, Meghan Punschke, Didi Menendez, and features:

Artists Ethan Diehl, Marcia Molnar, Holly Picano, Cheryl Kelley, Jennifer Wildermuth, L.D. Grant, Niel Hollingsworth, Steph Chard, Jeremy Baum, Jeff Filipski and E.B. Goodale.

Poems by Blake Butler, Dana King, J.P. Dancing Bear, Josh Olsen, Steffi Drewes, Matthew Hittinger, Patrick Leonard, Diana Adams and Graeme Mullen.

Short story by Kirk Curnutt. Reviews by Miguel Murphy, Michael Parker, Cheryl Townsend, Courtney Campbell and Jim Knowles.

Columns by Talia Reed and Caridad McCormick.

Grace Cavalieri interviews Mark Doty.

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