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New Lit on the Block :: Nowhere

Not your standard fare in travel writing, Nowhere is travel writing about “a place between places, an imagined depot for stories from the road. We collect found experiences through writing, art, video and sound then illustrate them with objects brought back from the field.” It is not travel that has been “confused with tourism” nor lists of “ten awesome things to do,” but that remainder of honest field writing that once used to so fascinate us before we thought we had discovered the whole planet. We haven’t, and Nowhere proves that the written word still has a great deal left to explore.

Editor: Porter Fox
Designer: Manda Yakiwchuck
Interactive Producer: A’yen Tran
Liberal Copy Editor: Kim Stravers
Contributing Artists: Kara Blossom, Tony Bones, Antonin Kratochvil, Orien McNeil, Swoon
Contributing Writers: Bill Berkson, Alan Bernheimer, Arthur Bradford, Larry Fagin, Heidi Julavits, Josip Novakovich, David Quammen

Nowhere does not accept unsolicited writing, but welcomes letters to their online forum.

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