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New Lit on the Block :: Northwind

Northwind is a literary quarterly published by Chain Bridge Press available online and via Kindle and edited by Tom Howard (Managing Editor) and Abbe Steel (Editor).

Tom Howard commented on the motivation to start a new literary magazine: “I guess because a world full of stories is a richer kind of world. And there’s something exhilarating about not only finding stories and poems that deserve an audience, but finding that audience as well. It’s a challenge and a responsibility. We also happen to think that there’s still a great demand for affecting and provocative stories and poetry, maybe a greater demand than ever. With the advent of mobile devices and e-readers, literature is so much easier to discover, and somewhere out there, there is a vast untapped audience of casual, intelligent readers who wouldn’t have known how or where to buy a literary magazine even ten years ago. So we’re in the business of discovery, in every way.”

Readers who discover Northwind, as Howard says, can expect to find “A blend of realism, surrealism, humor, melancholy, the future and the past, great characters, sharp dialogue, unguarded and unsentimental poetry, and sustained, lyrical writing. And an occasional ghost or talking chimp.”

The first issue of Northwind includes fiction by Christie VanLaningham, Malcolm Dixon, Miles Klee, L.E. Sullivan, Tom Johns, Amanda Bales, Michael Trudeau, Stephen Baily, and Robert Cormack; poetry by Carl James Grindley, Kenneth Pobo, Marydale Stewart, Mark Jackley, Steve Klepetar, Laura Kathryn McRae, June Sylvester Saraceno, Andr

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