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New Lit on the Block :: Niche Magazine

Niche Magazine appears biannually online (Issuu) as well as in PDF format for purchase with plans to release a Amazon Kindle edition.

Editors Katya Cummins, Shannon Hewson,
 Matthew Atkinson,
 Beth Cohen, Katie Cantwell, Mary Keutelian,
 Rebecca Kaplan, and 
Rochelle Liu started Niche Magazine in response to the “many talented artists” looking for a way to break into the literary scene, and even more that merely want to be read, heard, or seen. “The idea in starting Niche Magazine,” says Cummins, “was to provide a place where, not one but multiple genres and tiers of communities and artistic ambitions, are satisfied.”

The first issue of Niche Magazine includes literary short stories, some experimental creative nonfiction, and “beautiful” poetry, some of which is traditional, some of which is experimental, and “thought-provoking” artwork from seasoned and emerging artists. There is also an interview from the science-fiction writer, Neil Gaiman, and music from the jazz band Comfort Food.

Also featured in the first issue: art from Pearl A. Hodges, Jessica Swenson, and Fabio Sassi; fiction by Bill D’Arezzo, Molly Koeneman, Robert Mundy, Sean Jackson, and Susan Land; non-fiction by Stephen Newton, Yinka Reed-Nolan, and Melissa Wiley; poetry by James Dunlap, Martina Reisz Newberry, Mercedes Lawry, Rosebud Ben-Oni, Scott Starbuck, and William Cordeiro.

Niche Magazine editors are currently reading through submissions for their second issue in which they hope will include some flash fiction, short-shorts, journalism, and literary criticism. “Through this,” say Cummins, “we hope to continue breaking down the tensions between genres. More importantly, we hope that readers will continue to find Niche an entertaining and relatable read.”

Niche Magazine accepts all genres (including “genre fiction”, journalism, “spoken word” poetry, and literary criticism.) with submissions year round through Submission Manager. The deadline for the next issue is April 1, 2012. For full guidelines, please visit the Niche Magazine website.

Niche Magazine’s website also includes columns by Natala Orobello, Lauryn Ash, and Christopher Smith. Reviews, author interviews, “MFA Spotlights,” and guest posts can be read on Niche’s blog. Niche is currently looking for reviewers, columnists, and current attendees or graduates of MFA programs to conduct interviews for our monthly MFA Spotlights.

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