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New Lit on the Block :: New CollAge

Founded in 1970 at New College of Florida, New CollAge is a journal of new writing and visual art produced by a general editor alongside a staff of New College of Florida undergraduates who subscribe to the notion that a collage is an assemblage of different voices that merge to create new conversations. New CollAge is published annually with web exclusives throughout the year. The staff for this first issue (Spring 2009) of the “re-launching includes Founding Editor A. McA. Miller, Editor Alexis Orgera, and a full editorial staff.

New CollAge is available by subscription and single copy with select content available online and plans for Online Exclusives. Contributors to this first issue include: Rick Bursky, Sandy Florian, Emily Kendal Frey, Matt Hart, Melanie Hubbard, Hari Bhajan Khalsa, Jeffrey MacLachlan, Rob MacDonald, Sarah Maclay, Michael James Martin, A. McA. Miller, Stephany Prodromides, Virgil Renfroe, Jason Salek, Petery Jay Shippy, Eleanor Stanford, Justin Taylor, Kimberly Vorperian, and Dean Young.

New CollAge accepts unsolicited submissions of previously unpublished poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction, artwork (especially that of the collage-inspired variety), and hybrids thereof from August-May each year for both their print issue and web exclusives.

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