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New Lit on the Block :: nanomajority revived

From editors Mark Stricker and Jolynne Roorda: “nanomajority ia back from an unplanned hiatus, excited to reset the clock for our upcoming issues and planning to unveil some new projects in the near future. Thanks to our contributors for being so patient! From an editorial standpoint, nanomajority is interested in the various ways in which artists, writers, and critics intersect (or don’t); there is no single stylistic container or grouping from which we select projects to highlight. There is no overarching manifesto to guide us. We simply publish what interests us.”

nanomajority does not accept submissions in general, but if you have a project in mind – and after reviewing their site, you’ll see how broad a mind they have – you can contact them with a proposal.

In the most current issue: Lizzie Hughes, Myron Michael, e.t. and Michael Bolsinga.

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