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New Lit on the Block :: Mixer

Founded and edited by Rebekah Hall and Steve Owen, Mixer Publishing is a new small press that publishes a new online magazine – mixer – every other month (bimonthly), one themed print anthology a year, and 1-2 limited edition novels/novellas a year. mixer is supported by a dedicated group of editors who each specialize in a specific genre.

Owen writes, “mixer is a ‘literary genre’ magazine that seeks to break the boundaries between genre fiction and literature. Many writers and readers desire something ‘in-between’ these two limited choices: a mix of entertainment and art. mixer‘s mission is to appeal to genre fans and literati alike because our goal is to expand the market by appealing to a wider range of tastes and sensibilities than the traditional literary magazine. Our stories and poems either do something fresh or interesting with language, or mix forms in new ways. For example: A realist story that upends the traditional epiphany form. Or a romantic noir written in lyrical prose. Or a horrific black comedy written in a realistic, minimalist style. Or a poem that eschews the pastoral and works against tradition by playing with popular genre or iconoclasm.”

As a literary site, mixer does not currently plan on archiving issues by date. Rather, as a genre-based publication, old stories will be “archived” in the order they were published (from new to old) under each genre section (realism, romance, horror, noir, poetry, etc).

A short list the noteworthy online contributors to date include: Brian Evenson, Kate Braverman, Kevin Prufer, Daniel Grandbois, Myfanwy Collins, John Jodzio, and Aaron Burch.

Mixer Publishing’s first anthology, of Love & Death: heartburn, headaches, & hangovers, also has additional stories from Kate Braverman and Myfanwy Collins, as well as Kirstin Allio.

mixer accepts submissions via Submishmash.

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