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New Lit on the Block :: Mixed Fruit

Mixed Fruit is a bi-monthly online publication co-founded by editors Lindsay Shields and Abby Norwood. Mixed Fruit has an varied and energetic editorial staff reading poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, translations, and reviewing art submissions.

Editors include Kat Lewin (fiction), Jessica Plante (poetry), Matthew Burnside (fiction/poetry), Kea Wilson (fiction/Spanish/Greek translation), Courtney Thomas Vance (fiction), Summer Greer (poetry/Thai/German translation) and contributing editors Peter Alan Herbert (fiction/copy), Bethany Sarah Startin (poetry reader/French/Ancient Greek/Latin translation), Donna Vorreyer (poetry reader), Olga Mexina (Russian translation), Elisa Fernandez-Arias (Spanish/French translation), and Paula Bertr

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