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New Lit on the Block :: Manor House Quarterly

Organized by Dane Cardiel, contributing editor, Manor House Quarterly is “a collaborative effort of individuals whose diverse interests range from mixed-media to poetry, photography to music composition, story-telling to illustration, and more. The quarterly publication is simply the blending of these interests speaking toward a given concept.”

The first issue of MHQ is available online using Issuu and includes writing from Chloe Sparacio, Ethan Linstrom, Jeff Murray, Kohn Ashmore, Justin Wright, Andrew Gumm, Gaelan Gilbert, Sean Sand, Jared Callahan, Theron Allen Gregory, Vanessa Nelson, and Blake Nelson, and visual art from Casey Galanter, Frank Scott Krueger, Elisha Medina, Garrett Richardson, Jeff Allen, Kalika Kastein, Megan Gilbert, Scott Linger, Aubrey Perkins, Lauren Whisnant, and Emily Spencer.

Submissions of written content are being accepted for the next issue of MHQ, themed “1877.” The deadline is August 12.

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