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New Lit on the Block :: Low Rent

Low Rent is an independent journal from New York (though distributed beyond), published six times a year. The frequency of publication sounds ambitious for a New Lit on the Block, but the format is modest – including (so far) two stories and eight poems every issue*. I’m not sure if there are plans to increase the content, but as a bimonthly, lower quantity and higher quality would seem to be the ideal balance to keep both writers and readers coming back. For the low-rent cover price – $4.95 – it is likely to keep attracting new and repeat readers.

Edited by W.P Hughes, Jeff Bernard, Robert Liddell, and Jason Koo, Issue 1 features stories by Trevor J. Houser and Tracy Jo Barnwell, poetry by Marc McKee (winner of the 2008 DIAGRAM Chapbook Contest) and Ciaran Berry, and design by Hiroko Mizuno. Issue 2 includes stories by Murray Farish and Robert Taylor Brewer, and poetry by Sasha West and Jason Bredle, cover design by Hiroko Mizuno, inspired by EMIGRE. Excerpts of pieces from both issues are available online* (click on covers).

Low Rent is accepting submissions via e-mail of stories under 6k and poetry. Small stipends are paid to writers as it becomes available*. It’s worth reading their creatively smarmy FAQs to get to know them better, and just to put a smile on your face.

*Updated information via Bill Hughes at Low Rent (7/11).

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