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New Lit on the Block :: Loaded Bicycle

Editor-in-Chief Martin Rock, along with Editors-at-Large Traci Brimhall and Phillip D. Ischy, bring readers and writers Loaded Bicycle, an online journal of poetry, art, and translation by emerging and established writers, translators, and artists, with a special interest in collaborative projects that include comic artists.

The first and second issue include works & translations by Esao Andrews, Alejandro de Acosta, Jorge Carrera Andrade, Johsua Beckman, Ana Božičević, Melissa Broder, Anne Carson, Mrb Chelko, Alan Daniels, Claire Devoogd, Karen Emmerich, Quintus Horatius Flaccus, Matthea Harvey, Madra Hill, Melinda Kosztaczky, F.T. Marinetti, Kate MccGwire, Idra Novey, Elsbeth Pancrazi, Susanne Petermann, Rainer Maria Rilke, Matthew Rohrer, Craig Rubadoux, Glenn Shaheen, Michael Shapcott, Egor Shopavolov, Bianca Stone, Tricia Taaca, Micah Towery, Paul Tunis, Eleni Vakalo, M.A. Vizsolyi, and Jean Zapata.

Though Loaded Bicycle does not accept fiction or non-fiction, the editors are open to short cross-genre work. Loaded Bicycle will publish three issues per year with an on-site archive.

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