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New Lit on the Block :: Literary Laundry

Literary Laundry is a biannual online/annual print literary journal of poetry, prose, drama and editorial reviews. Literary Laundry was established “to promote the literature we crave: masterful writing that can hold discourse with great literary and intellectual traditions while still engaging the complexities of our world today. Literary Laundry recognizes the obscure (and at times glib) character of much currently published creative writing. Many potential readers approach the world of contemporary fiction only to abandon it, overwhelmed and discouraged. We regard this trend as a problem and have created Literary Laundry in order to fix it.”

Seeing to this mission are Executive Editors Jonathan Canel (poetry and drama), Samuel Chiu (poetry), Corey Tazzara (prose fiction,; Justin Brooke (prose fiction and drama), Giulio Gratta (webmaster); and Associate Editors Alyssa Martin (prose fiction), David Chang (poetry), Molly Pam (drama), Craig Harbick (prose fiction), Lydia Lindenberg (prose fiction), Grzegorz Robak (prose fiction), Dean Schaffer (prose fiction), Ben Seitelman (prose fiction).

Each issue of Literary Laundry is also accompanied by a writing competition. All pieces submitted for review will be entered into consideration for Awards of Distinction and cash awards.

The inaugural issue includes poetry by Lydia Lindenberg, Dana Isokawa (undergraduate award), Amanda Auerbach, Jessica Lynn Wickman, Hannah Dow, D. Gilson, Wendy Xu, Edward Church, Matt Wimberley, and Tej Patel, and fiction by Kelly Swope (undergraduate award), Sydney Langway, Len Kuntz, Matt Popkin, and Samantha Toh, and drama by Erin E. McGuff and Carly Augenstein (undergraduate award).

Submissions are now open for the next issue – deadline December 1.

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