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New Lit on the Block :: Kugelmass

New from Firewheel Editions (Sentence: A Journal of Prose Poetics) with Editor David Holub and Publisher Brian Clements, comes Kugelmass: A Journal of Literary Humor. In the “Rambling from the Editor,” citing some statics about new literary journals failing within the first 20 minutes of establishing writers’ guidelines, Holub answers the question “Now why would we go and do this?” with “The truth is we are foolish: we did not think this through. But even if this endeavor is high in its potential for doom, that’s really what humor is all about. Humorists are gutsy, putting themselves out there like that.”

The first issue of gutsy writers who Kugelmass has helped to put out there include Steve Almond, Mike Birbiglia, David Kirby, Simon Rich, Larry Doyle, Larry Gaffney, David Galef, Kurt Luchs, Teresa Milbrodt, Thomas Mundt, Dan Pope, D. Harlan Wilson, and Curtis VanDonkelaar.

Kugelmass publishes biannually and accepts submissions of stories and essays of “1,000 words or 4,000 words or any count in between. Except 3,258. It can go to hell.”

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