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New Lit on the Block :: Gigantic Sequins

Gigantic Sequins is a biannual not-for-profit literary-arts magazine that “especially likes to print artists and writers who are involved in other creative endeavors.” Staffing Gigantic Sequins are Kimberly Ann Southwick, Shereen Adel, Daniel Christensen, Paul Medina, and Kenneth Polonski. The publication welcomes individuals interested in becoming readers or interns to apply.

The first issue of Gigantic Sequins features works by Gleni Bartels, Evan Ross Burton, Johnny Chinnici, Ben Fama, Molly Finkelstein, Max Goransson, Alia Hamada, Peter Harren, shoney lamar, Jeff Laughlin, Chris Peck, Ryan Sanborn, Theadora Siranian, and Sophia Natasha Sunseri.

Reading periods for poetry, fiction, essays and visual art are March 1 – June 30 (Fall) and September 1 – December 31 (Spring).

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