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New Lit on the Block :: Dark Matter

From the University of Houston and the Downtown Natural Science Creative Writing Club comes a new biannual online magazine–available in PDF, EPUB, or Kindle formats–Dark Matter: a journal for speculative literature. The magazine features poetry, fiction, essays, and “musings.” Managing Editor Bradley Earle Hoge says that readers can expect to find “an eclectic mix of provocative, insightful, and sublime thoughts and ideas expressed through poetry, fiction, and essays. They will not find science fiction, horror, or fantasy, though elements of these genres will certainly be incorporated into the work published in Dark Matter. Pieces in Dark Matter will use metaphor to describe our connection to the natural world, to explore interpretation of experience, and to search for meaning.”

Hoge explains that the name of the magazine is inspired by both definitions of “dark matter”: “unknown particles suggested by the Standard Model to explain observations of gravity which cannot be accounted for by observable matter and energy” and “a reference to the thoughts and ideas that ferment inside a human brain before they emerge through spoken or written words.” The title then, he says, is meant to “reflect emphasis of the unknown in both scientific inquiry and creative writing.”

Alongside Hoge will be Advisory and Contributing Editors Robin Davidson and Lisa Morano and University of Houston student editors. “Our goal,” says Hoge, “is to make Dark Matter a relevant contributor to the ever adaptive landscape of modern poetry and fiction.” He said they started the magazine to provide a place for literary speculative writing “that uses natural metaphor and allusion without resorting to the mystical.” Dark Matter,” he says, “will use cosmological, evolutionary, quantum mechanical and traditional natural metaphor to elicit literary thought and infuse modern ideas into poetry and prose.”

The first issue features fiction from J. J. Anselmi, Allie Marini Batts, Robert Boucheron, Olive Mullett, Valery V. Pertrovskiy, Jordan A. Rothacker, Patty Somlo, and L. E. Sullivan; poetry from Victoria Chadwick, Nicholas Cittadino, William Doreski, Billie Duncan, Susan Gundlach, Tim Kahl, Anne King, Mira Martin-Parker, Mira Martin-Parker, Ed Meek, Robin Amelia Morris, Ben Nash, Liam Pezzano, Rhonda Poynter, Erik Rice, Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb, Carol Smallwood, Claude Clayton Smith, Carolyn Steinhoff, and Frank Symons; and essays from Vincent Caruso and Darren Taggart.

Dark Matter will accept submissions year-round through Submittable. Hoge says they will also consider e-mail submissions to the managing editor but not through traditional post.

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