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New Lit on the Block :: Crashtest

The first issue of Crashtest, a literary magazine run, edited and published in by high school age writers, is up and running. In addition to featuring work from students across the country, each issue will also showcase a piece by an established adult author looking back in some form or fashion on their teenage years. For their inaugural issue, Crashtest includes a piece of short prose by Michael Martone.

Student writers in Volume 1 Issue 1 are Mollie Cueva-Dabkoski, Jules Cunningham, Meredith Evett, Bobby Gaines, Emily Gaudet, Sophie Gibson, Chloe Gordon, Shady Kievannia, Peter LaBerge, Michael Martone, Julia McCrimlisk, Kathleen Radigan, Abigail Schott-Rosenfield, and Stephen Urchick.

Crashtest publishes poetry, stories and creative non-fiction in the form of personal essays, imaginative investigation, and experimental interviews from students in grades nine through twelve.

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