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New Lit on the Block :: Country Music

Country Music is an online biannual journal of poetry edited by Scott Abels. In addition to the poetry, each of the two issues now available include special features, such as “The Darkness and the Popcorn: Tyler McMahon’s Correspondence with Denis Johnson” (Volume 1), a selection of poems with an introduction (explanation) of the very quirky Barcelona Poetry Machine (Volume 2), and “Contributors Respond to Art and Economics” (Volume 2).

Issues #1 and #2 include works by Dan Chelotti, Sally Molini, Jennifer H. Fortin, Nate Pritts, Angela Veronica Wong, Alen Hamza, Donald Illich, Jon Thrower, Ron Riekki, Matt Ryan, Tyler Gobble, Peter Jay Shippy, Brandi Homan, Rob MacDonald, Rich Murphy, Kyle Thompson, Katie Condon, Andrew Morgan, Philip Byron Oakes, Francis Raven, Michael Schiavo, Clay Matthews, Lucy Biederman, Matt Hart, Samuel Day Wharton, Peter Davis, Amber Nelson, Jim Goar, and Jackie Clark.

Submissions are currently open “with no firm guidelines.”

[Issue #2 Art by Vince Hazen]

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