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New Lit on the Block :: College Hill Review

Editors James Barszcz, Steven H. Jaffe, Andrew Gyory, and Edward Myers introduce The College Hill Review, an online quarterly exploring style in the arts and humanities through essays, articles, and other forms of nonfiction that a) address issues of style in works of literary or visual arts; b) report on trends relating to style in all disciplines of the humanities; c) reward stylistic study in themselves. Some poetry and fiction may also be included.

Of special interest to NewPages readers in this first issue: “What’s Right With MFA Programs?” by Clifford Garstang – a daring, positive look at what others so often bleakly describe as the inundation of MFAs onto the world.

Also included: “The Technique of Time in Lolita” by William Vesterman; “The Kingdom of Geek” by Mary Akers; “Analog” a photo essay by Ray Kilmek; “Down the Shore with Henry James” by James Barszcz; and poetry by Mark Scott.

Submissions are being accepted for the Spring 2009 issue, deadline 31 January 2009.

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