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New Lit on the Block :: Camera Obscura

Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Camera Obscura is the kind of publication that will definitely keep readers demanding print publications they can hold in their hands. A biannual independent print journal and “internet haunt,” Camera Obscura features prose & photography by established, as well as, emerging writers and photographers. Don’t let the 9×6 format fool you – the high quality production makes the images on these pages fill the mind’s eye (a true model of how art is best reproduced for greatest viewer appreciation).

Behind the scenes at Camera Obscura are Editor M.E. Parker, Prose Editors Meredith Doench, Tim Horvath, Shane Oshetski, and M.E. Parker, Photography Editors Kate Parker and Lisa Roberts.

The first issue is a packed 128 pages, including fiction by Claire Bateman, Joshua Cohen, Patrick Dacey, Kane X. Faucher (Editor’s Choice Award for fiction), Amy Glasenapp, Cynthia Litz, Robert McGowan, Nani Power, Thea Swanson, Michael Trocchia, Ren

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