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New Lit on the Block :: bioStories

bioStories is a new online literary web publication edited by Mark Leichliter, writer and freelance editor who publishes fiction, poetry, and essays under the pseudonym Mark Hummel.

bioStories features a blog-post publication of biographies, with some of the portraits featured on the main web site. bioStories does not look to feature the already overly-featured celebs and well-knowns; instead, Leichliter notes, “We particularly look for work that offers slices of a life that help the reader imagine the whole of that life, work that demonstrates that ordinary people’s experiences often contain extraordinary moments, visionary ideas, inspirational acts, and examples of success and failure that prove instructive. In short, we believe every life displays moments of grace.”

Currently, the site includes works by Murray Edwards, Kimberly Hamilton, Jona Jacobson, Hank Merrell, Peter Derk, and Wilmer Frey

Additionally, the site includes Noteworthy Bios that highlight inspiring stories of ordinary people’s lives that make it into the news as a “little reminder that there are people around us practicing life-changing and inpirational acts if only we pay attention.”

bioStories is open for submission or original, nonfiction work.

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