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New Lit on the Block :: Anomalous

Anomalous Press, launched in March of 2011, as a non-profit press and online publication, available in both visual and audio forms on various platforms. Anomalous Press “has its sights set on publishing chapbooks, advancing audio forms and creation, and supporting all sorts of alternative realities of the near future.”

Anomalous #1 is available online with PDF, MP3, Kindle, and eBook versions available in trade for a Tweet or Facebook post.

Anomalous welcome submissions of literary works of texts (poetry, fiction, nonfiction and translation) and hybrid, muti- and new media, audio or video literary works, and images year-round.

Contributors to the first issue include Naomi Ayala, Luis Alberto Ambroggio, Alma Baumwoll, William John Bert, Emma Borges-Scott, Ann Cefola, Hélène Sanguinetti, Mike Czagany, Venantius Fortunatus (d. ca. 600 AD), Janis Freegard, A. Kendra Greene, Ashley Elizabeth Hudson, Sarah McBee, Colby Somerville, Patrick Swaney, Sarah Tourjee, Henry Vauban, and Eugenio Volpe.

From “In the Winter” by Naomi Ayala:

There’s a gulf between me and god.
I fill it with angry fish
whose backs catch the sun.

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