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New Lit on the Block :: 5×5

5×5 is radio terminology used to signify that the signal has excellent strength and perfect clarity. And 5×5 is also a “nascent, printed literary magazine” publishing poetry, fiction, nonfiction, comics & visual arts in a palm-sized (5″x5″), saddle-stiched format. The most recent issue includes works by James Hannibal, Jory M. Mickelson, Ian Denning, Jonathan W. Sodt, Ryler Dustin, R.M. Hanson, Nathan Burgoine, and Jenni B. Baker. Each issue is themed, but as the editors point out, “themes are meant to be suggestions only…play with our themes…tell us your leaps of imagination and wordplay…we don’t want to box you in.”

Submission are open to high school and beyond, with free subscriptions offered to high school students.

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